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Why ForRentOpenHouse.com™?
We are the largest video-based real estate website in the USA!
Step 1. Make video.
Landlords and property managers make a 3 to 5 minute narrated video tour of the available property using their smartphone or tablet. For multi-unit properties, each unit can have its own narrated video tour.

Step 2. Upload video.
Next, upload videos to ForRentOpenHouse.com, YouTube™, Vimeo™, or other video website.

Step 3. Renters view video.
Renters can search nationwide for properties and can view video tours on ForRentOpenHouse.com.

Step 4. Tenant rents property.
Because the tenant will have already seen the property video, they are in a way "pre-qualified" and more likely to rent the property if they request to see it onsite, saving both tenants and property managers valuable time.

Step 5. When tenant leaves.
When a tenant leaves, you simply flip a switch to make the property video available again.
Compare our approach with "Property managers want you to visit between 9-5, but this is when I work." and "Property managers will ask, 'Have you driven by and seen the apartments?' before scheduling an onsite visit." A more positive response is to use ForRentOpenHouse.com and say, "You can view a video tour of the unit and overall complex online at work, and if you're interested, we can schedule an onsite visit."
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